Our retreats offer women meaningful shared experiences that revive, refresh and renew.

Enjoy some girlfriend time and escape your responsibilities for awhile.

Led by experienced facilitator, Shelly Albright, our retreats bring women together to share meaningful experiences. Each retreat is unique to the dynamics of the group. We take the opportunity to focus on inspirational and impactful activities, celebrating each other, and having fun!


Unplug from the madness of daily life, truly unwind, mentally relax and focus on self-care as a priority in order to feed your soul.


Take a break to refresh and rejuvenate your mind, body, soul and spirit by leaning on other women who share the challenges of juggling life’s responsibilities.


Enjoy relaxing and engaging with other women in a safe environment, re-connecting with yourself in ways that will motivate you going forward.

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Mini Retreats

Looking for a quick break from the responsibilities of life?

Tailored Retreats

Do you want a retreat tailored specifically for you and your group?