I believe in the collective power of women and that a community impacted by women is better.  I believe in inspired living, personal growth and development, and that creative expression helps us connect to the beauty within ourselves.” – Shelly Albright, Founder

ALBRIGHT, Shelly editedI am proud to be one of those rare “Florida natives”. I was born and raised in Tampa.  After graduating from the University of Florida, where I met my husband David, we settled in south Florida.  David and I found Palm Beach County to be the perfect place to raise our children.

As you can imagine life can be crazy for the mother of four boys. I was blessed (or cursed depending on the day) to spend many years as a stay at home mom.  4 boys at mar a lago (2)I loved it, truly. However, I found that I needed a break from all of that testosterone! I decided to seek places where being a mom wasn’t my only defining quality.

Being a volunteer has allowed me to indulge my passion for justice issues, in particular issues facing women and children.  I am proud to have contributed significantly to improving our community with my time, knowledge and hard work for over 20 years.  All that I have accomplished has been with a great deal of teamwork and assistance of other incredible volunteers, a strong support system from my family, and a career that encourages community outreach.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that women need other women in their lives.  Women to help us fulfill our goals, maintain our courage, share our joys and sorrows.  Women who will offer support and encouragement because they face the same overlying issues.  My goal is to create experiences for women to connect with each other, find balance in their lives while developing their full potential, and most importantly  for them to enjoy the journey of life.